Changes in Financial Services

Anyone can join at any time

In epoch 2.1, only those who registered before the epoch started could join the contest. Now in epoch 3.0, anyone can join the contest at any time.

The only advantage of registering upfront is that the registered users will be offered CML coupons at a fixed price (but not free…

This week, we welcome our latest full-time team member, George Pornaras.

He is a professional tech writer who was major in English and familiar with blockchain technologies. We spend a full day together in my office discussing my dream of the Trusted Web 3.0. Right after the discussion, he wrote his first impression on TEA Project.

I have to say although he just spends a few days with me, he can write a much better introduction article than I can do for the last few years. We can see more awesome tech introductions from him very soon.

More or less you have probably known that TEA is a DAO of cloud computing miners(we sometimes call them farmers, TEA farmers). They run TEA nodes. TEA nodes work together to provide decentralized trusted computing services to traditional clients or modern blockchains. I explained $T token, the fuel (gas) of…

Why Nitro?

In TEA’s original design, we did not put Amazon Nitro on our radar. We were thinking of building our own TEA Box to get fully decentralized without centralized control by anyone — including Amazon or Intel.

When we design the hardware spec, I found that is hard, and it may…

Kevin Zhang — the Sweeping Monk

Bear with me as English is not my programming language

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