TEA Mining Competition: Front-runner program

Kevin Zhang — the Sweeping Monk
3 min readAug 14, 2021

This is the landing page: https://teaproject.org/landingpage/preview_1/

If you are interested in previewing how TEA mining looks like or would like to win the $1500 USDT award. Click the link above to register and join the TEA mining competition.

Once you click the link and get to the landing page, you can get the basic information. The register form shows when you click “Join Now” or “Get Started”.

Your email, TEA address, and ERC20 address will be put on our waiting list.

Once Epoch 2.1 is ready to start, we will announce on our telegram channel https://t.me/teaprojectorg .

If you cannot wait or would like to practice before the real game starts, please leave a Medium post comment below with your TEA address (the Polkadot account address, starts with “5…”). I will add your address to our Epoch 1.xx testing which is happening now. So that you can start testing within one day.

What is Epoch?

During early-stage testing, we will restart the chain frequently. Every time we restart the chain, it is called a new epoch. All assets will be reset in the new epoch. Since the assets in the contest net are not real money, so you do not really care, do you? The only thing you do care about probably is the award. We will send awards to your ERC20 address at the end of each epoch.

Every time we restart the contest net, there will be some bug fix and business logic change. You will note an epoch number here:

Assuming you are registering Epoch 2.1, you will need to wait for your turn when this number becomes 2.1. You can see we are still running 1.13, which means it is the 13th epoch we are running. If you would like to preview and practice, we will invite you to our next 1.14 or 1.15 epoch if you leave comments below.

Joining the testing in 1.xx epoch as a front-runner

The real competition starts from Epoch 2.1. Right now, we are running internal testing. If you join the internal testing, you will not get awarded. And you are required to report bugs to our Github repo https://github.com/tearust/tea-browser-wallet.

Your benefits are that you will learn how to use the TEA mining wallet, and, most important, the best competitive strategy you should use before your competitors learn. You are technically a front-runner!


  • Epoch 1.xx may restart without notice. If you found your assets are all gone, this is not communist, this is restart. You will notice the Epoch number bumps.
  • There are bugs. That’s why we invite you to test. If you see something, say something
  • Join our telegram group and GitHub discussion board for your question https://github.com/tearust/teaproject/discussions/
  • Again, there is no award for epoch 1.xx. Your award is waiting for you in epoch 2.1

Happy mining/farming!