What is the TEA project’s investment value given Camellia NFT will die and TEA is a stable token?

I won’t be surprised that you would ask if you read my previous blog: Camellia, an NFA that dies.

Let’s see what our real-life economy runs.

The USD is a worldwide currency. Assume USD is a stable coin although it inflated faster and faster. You are not supposed to keep the USD bill in your vault and expect it to grow, right? What you are gonna do? Of course, to invest. Let’s see you invest your USD capital in businesses. Every business in the market is an NFT. The business born, grows, and eventually dies. Every business is unique. It has a different business model, different management team, different life span. If you invest in a blue-chip or early start-up, you will have different gains and risks. Rain or shine, most investors make more money than keep their money sleep in the bank account.

Let’s turn back to the TEA economy. $T is USD. Holding $T in your Gluon wallet won’t make you rich. You will need to invest. You can use your $T to buy Camellia seed and grow it. You can either make money from the $T generated from the Camellia mining or just simply sell it after it grows up. Remember the young camellia won’t be as productive as a grown one. So the price will be different by their age. Another choice is to buy other miner’s staking slots. In this case, you gain the shared revenue from other miners. Because every camellia is a different NFT, and every slot has a different “weight”. Find the ideal slots to invest is the key to your investment strategy. This is just like investing in a start-up or a blue-chip. All have their own pros and cons.

If you are smart and not too greedy, you can probably earn a lot from investing your $T in the TEA economy rather than sell them in the market. This helps “lock” the $T and maintain a stable $T token price. Especially in the early stage of the TEA eco-system.

There are a lot of detailed designs on the TEA token economy. I am trying to design an ideal token economy based on what I learn from economics.



Bear with me as English is not my programming language

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