TEA’s miners' economy: “Stop selling your dream, how can I make money?”

Miners 2 questions:

Rather than the big dream of the TEA project, what miners care about is just ROI. Just two questions from miners:

  1. How much tokens I can mine on a particular investment (hardware, maintenance, time)
  2. Will the token pricing increase and maintain the value?

Green mining? or no, green farming!

Positive infinity loop

Cold start

Interestingly enough that if the TEA price goes high, the more profitable for the TEA farming business. If the TEA farming is profitable, more miners would like to jump the TEA farming, but they need TEA to buy Camellia seeds. So the TEA price goes higher and higher.

What if someone dumps?

Leverage existing IPFS miners

Eventually, the demand and usage of TEA token is the key



Bear with me as English is not my programming language

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