TEA Project What’s New? Epoch 3.0 vs Epoch 2.1

Changes in Financial Services

Anyone can join at any time

CML coupons are no longer free

  • Type A: 2000 COFFEE
  • Type B: 1000 COFFEE
  • Type C: 500 COFFEE

All transfers are disabled

No initial funding (but unlimited Genesis Loans of COFFEE)

COFFEE debt must be paid off for contestants to be qualified for the final rewards

COFFEE has both a credit and debt interest rate

COFFEE interest rate may be changed by the DAO

Be aware of compound interest

The Genesis TEA Loan has a variable interest rate given by the AMM curve

Genesis TEA Loans can be paid off in full or just the interest to extend the loan

Top up is back

Mining machines are no longer free. Contestants will use COFFEE to buy one

  • a defrosted CML seed to plant into the mining machine.
  • 1000 TEA or 1 CML (defrosted or not, doesn’t matter) for the initial staking slot.
  • an amount in COFFEE to pay for the mining machine itself.

Epoch 3 Bonding Curve Investment

  • You can be an investor of a TApp by buying into its Bonding Curve. You invest in a project just like venture capitalists do.
  • You can host a TApp using your mining CML to earn a hosting fee. Just like Amazon charges you a cloud hosting fee, you are paid this fee when you are a miner providing the cloud infrastructure.

Invest in TApps

Sell your investment

Dividend (consumer usage) and expense(paying the hosting fee)

What if I have no idea about bonding curves and fancy equations?

Epoch 3: hosting TApps = hosting income

Host / unhost TApp

Performance requirement and remaining performance

Current /Max hosts

YTB TApp simulator

  • The sudo account notes who has the largest gain in views compared to 24 hours ago and notes down the increased view count (let’s call it delta) of the winner for that day.
  • The sudo account pays one TEA for each increased view of the winner (delta TEA in total) using the “consume” function every day. For example, let’s say video A has the most views in the past 24 hours. It was at 100 views yesterday but now is at 180 views today. Sudo will consume 80 TEA into video A’s TApp bonding curve.

Tips and tricks for new epoch 3

Hosting and investments make much more than dumb mining

YTB TApps contest



Bear with me as English is not my programming language

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