TEA milestone 1 demo video is live

Kevin Zhang — the Sweeping Monk
4 min readDec 18, 2020

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TEA Project Nov 2020 Demo (our milestone 1 demo) is online. By watching this youtube video you will get the basic concept of one typical use case of the Tea project — A TensorFlow AI inferring computation between non-trusted 4 parties.


Let’s demonstrate how Tea’s decentralized trusted computing works with the help of Alice, Bob, Charlie, and Dave.

Alice, a wildlife photographer, has recently captured some magnificent images of a lion. Hoping to earn a couple of bucks, she makes the images available for use on a research platform — while maintaining ownership of the actual pictures.

Bob is a hardcore developer that works on image recognition models. His most recent application is a Tensorflow image recognition model compiled to web-assembly. He would like to open up his application for use, without creating the opportunity for others to copy his code.

Charlie is an IPFS miner. He’s recently added a TEA module to his device, allowing him to mine both FIL and TEA tokens with the same mining machine. He wonders how the TEA module is able to receive sensitive information from clients and run computations securely and privately.

Dave is a seasoned scientist. He’s currently researching wild animal behavior by…