Gluon (Distributed hardware wallet)— Yet another crypto wallet? Why? What’s new?

Kevin Zhang — the Sweeping Monk
5 min readDec 14, 2020

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In case you have not read my previous blog “Can trusted-computing protect your digital assets”, please read it first. So you will know what Gluon Wallet is. At least you will know Gluno is NOT a wallet (although it is called Gluon Wallet), it is actually a Trust-as-a-Service (TaaS) application focus on crypto keys.

You say “I need a hardware wallet”, I heard “I need some way to protect my private key”

That’s true, you do not need whatever kind of wallet as long as you have a better way to protect your private key.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, (I bet you have read already) even a hardware wallet has caveats that put your digital assets at risk. What Gluon provides you is actually a Trust-as-a-Service. The trust comes from thousands of hardware wallets although you do not own them. You do not need to trust the owners of those hardware wallets, because they have no access to your secret, even you do not?

What? I do not even have access to the private key as an owner?

Sorry but you do not. If you really want, you can have a partial key as additional protection (although we do not think it is necessary). Having a full private key in your pocket is actually a bad idea. If you think you have stronger protection than those thousands of hardware wallets, then you probably do not realize what protection means. In my mind, as long as there is a decrypted secret ever expose to any computing device which potentially is able to connect to a network, the secret is no longer secure, unless the device is particularly designed and hardware protected. So I think it would be more secure to generate and store your private key in Gluon all its lifetime. It should never leave the protected environment even when it is used to sign your transaction.

Gluon password is your only master password to the Blockchain World

Since all your private keys to other blockchains are generated and stored inside Gluon, the only thing you need to remember is the…